GURUCHETHANA- Choice Based In-Service Teacher Education – A GOK Initiative

Government of Karnataka (GoK) has taken up the challenging task of overhauling the in-service teacher education program in the State. The massive exercise of re-designing the approach, content as well as the delivery of the program along with the establishment of a teacher tracking and management system is being implemented in collaboration with Azim Premji Foundation.


  1. Based on the insights from last decade, keeping the national documents such as National Curriculum Framework 2005 and National Curriculum Framework for Teachers Education 2009 in mind, the State has envisioned a professional development plan for in-service teachers.
  2. In the long-term, the plan is to have 240-250 modules available for teachers to choose
  3. These modules comprising education perspective, subject perspective, key concepts, pedagogy and assessment, are integrated with one another and not looked at in isolation.
  4. 28 modules offered to teachers in this year 2017-18, rest will spread across subsequent years.
  1. 3512 resource people have been identified to deliver these modules this year across every district –they have undergone a thorough and careful process of preparation.
  2. As a way forward, to enable the foundational principle of creating self-sustained learning spaces for teachers, some block and cluster centres will be developed as teacher learning centres (TLCs).
    1. This will provide spaces for peer-learning and self-learning - resourced with a library, internet-enabled computers, teaching-learning material - work here will be guided by the common curriculum, facilitated by any identified resource persons in the block/cluster.
    2. Given that existing structure can support this model, it holds tremendous potential to facilitate the continuous professional growth of teachers as self-motivated practitioners.
  1. Separate Website and Portal for Online Registration for Training is provided.
  2. Total 1,35,000 teachers made their preferences through TTMS which is 82.5% of teacher population
  3. Total 46970 teachers attended 5 days of workshop across 34 districts ( as on 03-01-2018 )
  4. There is an observer in many of the districts appointed by DIETs (mostly DIET Faculty/High school head teachers/Subject Inspector) at the district level and state resource persons at state level.
  5. "What did you ask at school today?” a book by Kamala Mukunda were distributed on the day one itself. Feedback on this book also collected on last day of workshop.
  6. There was nodal officers’ meeting and frequent tcons with DIET to ensure the quality of preparation, logistics and materials
  7. Assessment and follow up: A case study will be initiated by all the DIET’s after completion of all trainings.
  8. Batch making of the teachers through TTMS (Teacher Training Management System);
  9. A Pre-test and Post-Test for every training, daily assessment on learning entered in TTMS
  10. Monitoring by State TTMS Helpdesk and DIET Nodal Officer .
D. Plan for 2018-19
  1. A Plan, Timeline and budget for implementing Guruchethana in 18-19 is submitted for aproval. 71.15 Crores.
  2. Phase-1 , 13 modules, Phase-2 , 14modules and Phase-3, 5 modules toataly 32 modules will be introduced.
  3. 1,66,000 teachers will be covered.

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