Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD) has revised the Teacher Education Scheme under 12th Five Year Plan and the revised Scheme has been formulated in pursuance of the RTE Rules, 2010 under Section 38 of the RTE Act, notified on 8th April, 2010. Rule 6 of the said Rules inter-alia provides the Central Government shall, in consultation with the State Governments, and such other academic authorities it may consider necessary, prepare a Scheme(s) for providing pre-service and in-service training of teachers of schools specified in sub-clauses (i) to (iii) of clause (n) of section 2 of the Act, including a monitoring mechanism in accordance with the standards of training.

The main components of the revised Scheme are as under :

  1. Strengthening and up-gradation of State Councils for Educational Research and Training/State Institutes of Education
  2. Strengthening of existing IASEs and up-gradation of Departments of Education of Universities into IASEs.
  3. Strengthening of CTEs and establishment of new CTEs.
  4. Strengthening of existing DIETs and extending their mandate for training of teachers at the secondary level.
  5. Establishment of Block Institutes of Teacher Education (BITEs) in 196 identified SC/ST/ Minority concentration districts as elementary pre-service teacher education institutions.
  6. Identification of 50 lead institutions, including Departments of Education in Universities, NUEPA, NCERT, Academic Staff Colleges and other institutions in the non-Government sector to conduct refresher courses for teacher educators.
  7. Provide hardware support, namely provisioning of satellite transmission facilities in the DIETs and provisioning of software support for developing content for the orientation of teacher educators and teachers.
  8. Giving SCERTs and DIETs the mandate to involve not-for-profit organizations for conducting innovative field based programmes relating to teacher education, collaboration in in-service and pre-service teacher education, undertaking impact assessment studies and designing & developing locally relevant material for teachers and student-teachers of teacher education institutions.
  9. Developing and putting in place a comprehensive monitoring mechanism.

The State Government, in 2015, vide G O ED Mahithi 2014, Benagaluru dated 06.02.2015 has accorded permission to implement Teacher Education Scheme as per the guidelines of Centrally Sponsored Scheme on Teacher Education issued by the MHRD.

As per the G O ED Mahithi 2014, Benagaluru dated 06.02.2015, a Teacher Education Cell has been established in DSERT to implement the Teacher Education Scheme in the State of Karnataka.

Work done so far

  1. A perspective plan for implementing the revised teacher education scheme in 2012-13 after consolidating the perspective plans of one IASE, 10 CTEs and 27 DIETs was submitted to the MHRD. Teacher Education Appraisal Board (TEAB) approved the perspective plan of the State and sanctioned its permission for a new IASE, two CTEs and three DIETs.
  2. Annual Work Plans for 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16 after consolidating the AWPs of two IASEs, 12 CTEs and 30 DIETs have been submitted to the MHRD for appraisal of TEAB.
  3. Draft Cadre and Recruitment (C&R) rules has been prepared and submitted to the State Government for establishing a separate tutorial cadre comprising of the academic staff in DSERT, CTEs and DIETs.
  4. In order to promote the culture of using digital resources in the form Open Educational Resources, secondary School teachers are being trained to create and upload the digital resources in Karnataka Open Educational Resources (KOER), a web portal of, for and by the teachers developed under Subject Teacher Forum training imparted under RMSA scheme.
  5. Initiatives of Teacher Education through School based Support (TESS) India, a project of the Open University, UK, in collaboration with the MHRD is being implemented from 2014-15.
  6. Coordinating with not-for-profit organizations involved in conducting innovative field based programmes relating to teacher education and ready to collaborate in in-service and pre-service teacher education, designing & developing locally relevant material for teachers and student-teachers of teacher education institutions.

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