Vision statement
“Life skill development through Co-curricular approach”

School Education aims at all-round development of the learners. It enables them to acquire knowledge develop concepts and inculcate attitudes, values and skills conducive to their intellectual development and also to their physical, psychological and social development.

Aim of the project (NPEP):

The main aim of the adolescence education in the development of life skills relating to health concerns and positive attitudes.

An appropriate designed curricular activities aimed at skill development may provide an opportunities to learners to participate in learning experiences on individual basis or in groups. There activities lay special emphasis on “Experiential learning”. This makes the learning more absorbing, meaningful, experiential and stable.

Objective of the project:

The project is one of the components of quality improvement in school education.

  • Integration of adolescence education focusing on life skills development.
  • Integration of new population & development concerns like sustainable development, gender equity & equity and empowerment of women, family, its roles and responsibilities, health and education.

Under this project various activities are conducted to attain the objective of Population Education and Adolescence Education. These activities are organised for strengthening the process of integration in syllabi, textbooks, teaching process, evaluation process, Pre-service training education, for life skill development.


These activities are organised from school to State level by the implementing agency i.e.DSERT.

The following activities may be organised/conducted to attain the objectives of like skills development. They are:

  • Question Box Activity
  • Value Clarification
  • Debate
  • Quiz contest
  • Role play
  • Group Discussion
  • Case Study
  • Folk dance
  • Essay competition/creative writing
  • Poster competition
  • Adoption of village for Population Education activity.
  • Observance of world “Population Day” in all Secondary & Senior Secondary schools of the state.
  • Observance of world AIDS day in all Secondary & Senior Secondary schools of the state.

Objectives of the competition:

  • To make students understand and appreciate the implecation of interpersonal relationships, with Peer group, parents the opposite sex.
  • To make them aware of the consequences of the risk situations & behaviors.
  • To provide them opportunities for interactive participation for experiential learning for life skill development.
  • To develop in them the ability to apply various life skills to cope with self, other and manage peer pressure.
  • To create enabling environment for effective transaction of adolescence education in schools.

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